Biosafety Regulations: Biosafety Act, 2006 gazetted
02 Nov 2016

The Biosafety Regulations that will support the implementation of the Biosafety Act, 2006 (Act No. 7 of 2006) which   provides for measures to regulate activities that involve the research, development, production, marketing, transportation, applications and other uses of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and specific products derived from these GMOs were drafted through consultations with stakeholders. On 18-19 September 2014, a working draft was presented to stakeholders, the revised working draft was then presented to stakeholders & general public on 3 November 2014 and stakeholder comments were incorporated between January and April 2015. The draft was then internationally benchmarked with Mauritius, South Africa and Ghana between April and August 2015. The draft was then taken for technical reviews and consolidation between July and September 2015 which was then distributed to key stakeholders in October 2015 and the final stakeholder engagement was in October 2015. In November 2015, the draft Regulations were approved by the Biosafety Council and subsequently by the Minister of Higher Education, Training and Innovation in February 2016. The Regulations were then submitted for legal drafting in February 2016 and were eventually published in the Government Gazette No. 6116 under Government Notice No. 210 on 1 September 2016. These regulations came into operation on 1 November as per Goverment Notice No. 232.

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